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ATTENDANCE: Attendance at all lessons is expected.  There are no make-up lessons for those missed by student absence.  Absences may include: sports events, illness (of student or student's child) school functions, inclement weather, and other unforeseen circumstances. Students are only guaranteed their reserved lesson time each week.  As a courtesy, please notify me of any planned or last-minute absences before the lesson time.

Student illness: If the student is running a fever of any sort, a major indicator of contagiousness, he/she should stay home from piano lessons. 

LESSONS CANCELLED BY TEACHER: If I have to cancel a lesson for any reason, (such as illness, inclement weather, etc.) I will contact each affected student and/or parent to arrange a makeup lesson, or credit the lesson to student's accounts.

LATE FEES:  A $20 late fee will be assessed for payments made after the due date.

WAITING FOR YOUR LESSON: Please arrive at your assigned lesson time. If you arrive early please remain quiet while the earlier student is finishing his/her lesson.

MUSIC PURCHASES: I will occasionally buy music for students. Those costs will be added to the lesson fees as they occur. Most often the student will be required to purchase his/her own music. 

TAX NOTE: TUITION FOR EDUCATIONAL EXPENSES IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE. If you wish to claim lesson tuition on your taxes, ask me for a receipt for your total lesson costs.


Contact: Vicky Mackerman

Phone: 651-645-7753 

Email: [email protected]



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