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Professional studio vs. in-home Music lessons
                                               Advantages of Professional Studio Lessons
                                                                   as Compared with

                                                              In-home Piano Lessons


I think it important to make a case for choosing a professional studio for your music lessons over having lessons in your home.  An itinerant teacher does provide convenience, which is clearly a plus.

But I’d like to mention all that a studio teacher provides that the itinerant teacher cannot. It’s my hope that when you weigh all these advantages against the one advantage of convenience you will see that the better of the two choices lies with the studio teacher. Here’s the list of perks that studio lessons offer:

1) A professional music studio, above all things, speaks to the dedication and commitment of the piano teacher. There is a major investment of capital in choosing quality instruments as well as stocking the studio with abundant supplies.  My studio offers students the use of a Yamaha baby grand and a Yamaha Digital piano.  No teacher would venture into this investment unless they were most serious about their teaching.


2) Computer technology provides teachers with state of the art software to make some of the more tedious learning experiences fun. A computer equipped with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), attached to a digital piano, makes possible many unique music education opportunities.  My students have the option of using a computer workstation to work with the latest music education software.  The curriculum is designed to enhance and correlate with the Faber Piano Adventures piano method books.  For example, a few items the software  offers students include: music games that go along with their method book lessons, drilling on theory concepts, note reading, rhythm and counting exercises, ear training, and sight reading.


3) I also have a reference library of books and sheet music that is instantly available. This can save students and parents a trip to the music store. I’m also stocked with metronomes, a white board, a stool for small students’ feet, stickers, highlighters, rhythm instruments – everything that helps me take full advantage of every minute a student is in lessons.


5) Finally, another advantage of studio lessons is the opportunity for students to play in ensembles with other students.  When students play with others who are similar in age and level, they become motivated themselves. Students will push themselves to become better musicians, and even motivate themselves to practice, to keep up with the other students.


In short, without my studio and all my equipment I couldn’t be nearly as effective and successful in my teaching. Studio lessons offer more for your money, and students get a more rounded musical education, overall.  I think as you watch your children or yourself progress in piano or flute studio lessons, that you would be glad you chose to take lessons in a studio, rather than having a teacher come to your home. 


Check out the testimonials of students and parents (see Testimonials on the left menu) to see what they’ve experienced. If you have comments to share on this or any other music topic, write in my website’s Guestbook (also on the left menu) or drop me an email (address below).  Thanks for reading!

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